The Best Alliance for your Brand

We have Expertise and Knowledge to create a Custom Product with your Brand or License. A product that increases the sales opportunities for your company.

What do we offer?

1 | Start Up

Start Up

  • We offer our current Product Portfolio.
  • New Products developments according to our Process and Packing Capabilities.
  • Compliance with Quality Certifications.
  • Product Samples (restrictions apply).
  • New Trends and Market Information.

2 | Product Design

Product Design

  • Formula Development (flavors, colors, combinations and textures).
  • Variety of primary and secondary packaging materials.
  • Review and preparation of Graphic Arts that guarantee the best quality in your product.

3 | Planning and Production

Planning and Production

  • Machinery and Equipment available at the plant.
  • Storage of raw materials, packaging materials and finished product.
  • Production and Shipments coordination according to your sales forecast.

4 | After-sales service

After-sales service

  • New products Proposals focused on your brands, products, and target market.
  • Customer service surveys.

Dextrose Candies

Shell Pop

Enjoy a Double Flavor and Double Sensation in Just One Lollipop. Tasty Compressed Dextrose Center and a Colorful Hard Panning.

Try our different Combinations!

Weight: 12.7g

                                                                                                                                                                  Coming Soon

Candy Straw

The highest quality Candy Straw and the best flavor profiles. From 1 to 3 flavors per piece (according the presentation). It’s possible to add a header-label in straws over 4g.

Available option: Oxo-Biodegradable Straw.

Weights: 1g / 3g/ 4g / 8g / 14g

Candy Dipper

Candy Stick & Dextrose Powder packed in the same pouch with a division to keep them separated and be easy to dip. We have different presentations:

Weight: 8.4g, 1 Stick + 1 Powder

Weight: 12g, 1 Stick + 2 Powders

Weight: 24g, 2 Sticks + 4 Powders

Panned Candy

Dextrose Candies Panning in bright colors. They can be packed in several formats such as: rollwrap, bag, display, flowpack, and pouch.

Weight 1- 2g per tablet


Delicious Dextrose Lollipop compressed in sour, fruit or creamy flavors. Available in Bunch wrap or flowpack packaging.

Weight: 9g per piece


Traditional candy roll format. Contains 15 tablets in different colors and flavors.

Weight: 6.7g per roll

Candy Powder

Dextrose Powder in sour or sweet flavors packed in a small pouch, then in a laydown bag or display box. Recommended for mixed bags.

Weight: 5 – 15g per pouch

Chewing & Bubbe Gum

Tape Gum

Original Tape Gum format, over 1m of product. Stickers can be added inside each flow pack.

Weight: 40g per flowpack

Stick Gum

Classic stick gum in rectangular bar wrapped in individual packaging.

Weight: 5 gr per piece

Spaguetti Gum

Bubble Gum with Spaghetti appearance, customized flavors and colors. Available in flowpack  presentation.

Weight: 30g per package

                                                                                                                                                                  Coming Soon


Traditional Gumball packing it individually, 3 pack, or in a bag with preferred weight.

Weight: 3 – 4g per piece

Chunk Gum

Soft Bubble Gum, single wrapped, there’s an option of adding a printed item such as a ‘Comic’ inside the package.  Make big bubbles!

Weights: 4.5 g / 7 g per piece

Double Twist Gum

Classic Bubble Gum in ‘Double Twist’ packaging. We can make it with only 1 flavor or 2 flavors, one in the center and one outside.

Weight: 4 – 4.5g per piece

Interactive Candies

A Playful and Delicious way to stimulate Childs creativity and imagination, helps to improve Social and Fine Motor Skills.

DIY Lollipop Sour

Fun Kit to Create  6 Dextrose Lollipops with up to 4 flavors in each one. Contains 6 sticks + 24 tablets of 8 Sour Fruity Flavors.

Pick your favorite Combination!

Weight: 32,4g per bag

Candy Bricks

Delicious Dextrose Candies with ‘Brick’ shape, they can be assembled to create figures. Several colors and flavors mixed in an aluminum resealable stand-up bag.

Weight: 49g per bag

Candy Dough

Edible Clay that can be molded. 4 different flavors per pack and a waxed placemat to place the product.

Weigh: 45g per flowpack

Lollipop Maker

Kit to make up to 6 Lollipops with multiple flavors and colors combinations. Contains 24 holed tablets + 6 sticks designed to assemble 4 tablets.

Weight: 32g per blister

Candy Pen

Plastic container as a Pen, filled with delicious Edible Gel ready to paint on wafers or fill figures in dextrose tablets. Ideal to decorate cookies.

Weight: 20-40g per flowpack

Beach Party Gum

Delicious sugar mix with sand texture, once you start to chew it becomes Bubble Gum. The package contains some plastic tools for building bubble gum castles. 

Weight: 30g per flowpack


Kit with dextrose tablets. It contains: 4 watercolors, 1 stick as a brush and 3 white tablets to paint on. All content is edible.

Weight: 30g per kit